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5 Ways To Create A Home Gym

Tuesday Mar 16th, 2021


With the changes in our lives as a result of coronavirus lockdowns, more people are looking to outfit their homes with amenities that suit their lifestyle. A home gym is one such amenity. Gyms have been shut down for months, but with the right setup and equipment in your home, staying physically fit is no longer a challenge. Let’s look at 5 ways to create a home gym.

1. Use Your Basement Space Solely As A Home Gym

basement home gym

Most basements in homes (that aren’t used as rentals) are used for recreational purposes. This could be anything from a play area for children to a home theatre to a home gym...and sometimes all three. But for the fitness enthusiast, using it solely as a home gym gives you the ample space needed for equipment and space to move around.

basement home gym

You can set up a TV monitor and mirrors to give it a professional look. And, if you can afford it, a personal trainer can come over without the need to drag any equipment. Basements tend to be cooler than other areas of the home, which can be an ideal situation when working up a sweat.

2. Convert Your Garage To A Home Gym


The garage is the part of the home where car(s) are supposed to be parked...right? Not necessarily...most garages are used for storing pretty much anything you don’t want in the house, like garden tools or a lawn mower. But another great use for a garage is a home gym.


garage home gym


Yes, garages can be cold in the winter, but some homeowners actually install heating in their garages...it’s usually the guy that wants to also use it as a “man cave”. Man cave meets home gym. Except for winter months, it’s a great way to work out by opening the garage door(s) and getting fresh air. Places down south where they get warm weather year round, it’s quite common.


garage home gym


3. Incorporate A Home Gym Into Your Family Room


What if there was no unused space or no basement in the home for a gym? A popular trend is incorporating the home gym into the family room space. A family room is typically where everyone congregates to hang out and/or watch TV. This could be on any floor of the house.


family room w/home gym


The space isn’t as formal, so having gym equipment nearby wouldn’t entirely look out of place. There might be limitations however on the amount of equipment the space could accommodate.


family room w/home gym


4. Use A Spare Bedroom As A Home Gym


An ideal location for a home gym would be a spare bedroom. If located on the upper floor of a two storey home, getting a workout would only be steps away from your bed.


home gym


Depending on the size of the home and the equipment used, getting it up to an upper floor bedroom might be a workout by itself. With good views from a bedroom window and privacy from an upper floor, a zen like workout can easily be created.


5. Build A Professional Gym From Scratch In Your Basement


What if you were a fitness enthusiast/gym rat/wealthy homeowner? Well, here’s an option that most of us couldn’t afford to do...or maybe even want to do. Dig several feet down in your basement so you build out a basketball court with regulation height baskets with a squash court.


basketball and squash court


Yes, imagine super high ceilings in your basement so you can shoot 3’s without having to worry about your ceilings getting damaged. We can only dream.


basketball and squash court


These are some examples of what any homeowner can do to get that home gym. No need to leave home to stay on top of your fitness game.


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